ABOVE ALL ELSE, INTEGRITY. The Quote of the Day comes from physicist Carl Wieman, leaving Colorado for British Columbia.
"Forefront science is a tough game," Wieman said. "Rather than be a third-rate physics researcher, I just figured it made more sense to put my full effort into (science education)."
This from a researcher who with Eric Cornell won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2001 by creating the Bose-Einstein condensate.

One would expect that someone conversant with laws of conservation at the sub-atomic level might recognize laws of conservation on a larger scale. Economists call them opportunity costs.

"If you want to have any sort of large-scale education initiative, where you're really focusing on education, you need people at the highest levels to put thought and attention into it," he said.

"If our Board of Regents spent half the time on discussions of how to improve the education for students that they do on athletics, it would be a very different university," Wieman said.

The recent CU football recruiting controversy was a major distraction that diverted attention from the classroom, Wieman said.

"My personal view is that there's a considerable overemphasis (on athletics) that takes time and attention away from what we could be doing to improve education."

Via University Diaries, who mocks administrative attempts to spin the professor's comments.

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