CONTINUITY. In the women's tournament, Florida State defeated perennial power Louisiana Tech. If memory serves, State's Sue Semrau was a first-year assistant at Northern Illinois when higher-seeded Louisiana Tech came to DeKalb to play the Huskies. Northern Illinois won that game. That "higher seeded" was not a typographical error. Northern Illinois had its hosting bid in on time. I chatted with some Tech fans who made the drive north, and they told me that the responsible persons at Tech did not get the paperwork in in proper fashion.

Michigan State plays like a pro basketball team. They play at half-power for most of the game, then put together a sufficiently good run to overcome most opponents, including Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We shall see how far that gets them in the upcoming rounds.

The local TV coverage showed DePaul avenging last year's loss to Liberty. The DePaul players had reason to be emotional with the recent passing of legendary coach Ray Meyer, who helped develop Doug Bruno. A TV commentator ... this was a particularly well-briefed group, complete with knowledge about Liberty's debate squad (apparently Chancellor Jerry Falwell understands that God Helps Thofe Who Help Themfelves, and he wants well-spoken advocates for public policy) ... noted that several of the DePaul players had lost grandparents during the season. The Lady Demons play at full power for the entire game.

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