ON THE READY TRACK. The State of Maine Northern recently took delivery of some GP9s from Atlas. The undecorated models come partially assembled, with a variety of optional fittings included in the box. In these pictures, I have not removed some of the foam padding from the original packaging. I am likely to read the manual for the final assembly instructions, then disassemble them for painting, and put them in service as painted. These are smooth running engines that will run well at low speeds.

Here, they have delivered a load of coal to the cement plant at West Gloucester.

Next, they are setting out a load of sides at the Swift distribution center. The boxcar will be placed on the team track.

The engines have now run around their train to work the facing-point industries on the east end of Gloucester, but first they must clear the time of the first-class train with the mail and express for Rockport. The Gloucester Branch is close enough to the sea at this location that a lighthouse is not excessive artistic license.

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