QUOTE OF THE DAY. King at SCSU Scholars understands compensating differentials.
That's a bit unusual, for in many other places there is a competitive process whereby one offers a plan for study, grantwriting or other academic endeavor to be done during the sabbatical. It's not being paid to sit on your duff but to be reassigned for a year to something outside the classroom. This is of course expensive, but then most of us faculty in fields where there are ample private industry opportunities work at a substantial discount, for which sabbatical, tenure, and June, July and August are repayment.
To reiterate: redefine the job description and see what happens. I suspect my dean didn't take too kindly to my remark at a recent meeting that two months of salary for three months of work was insulting, particularly under the modified Demsetz auction that the university has been using to allocate the summer teaching "opportunities." On the other hand, I'm not happy with the public perception that all academic fields have the same sort of industrial reserve army that criticism and history do.

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