BATTING 'EM OUT. The local freight train we last saw working Gloucester has finished its work in Rockport and is now putting cars in order to head back to Boston. Look closely at those tank cars. One of them is a Walthers car that starts as a wood dowel.

The tail track at Rockport is not long enough for a tender engine or two diesels (a situation that I hope to remedy by year's end) but the prototype Rockport had a balloon track that provides a convenient train-turning and staging facility in plain sight. The track closest to the camera is the station end of the balloon track. The other connector to it is not visible. The Cudahy billboard reefer is one of my 50 cent specials. Years ago a Milwaukee area hobby shop was clearing out lithographed refrigerator car sides cheaply. I've been building boxes out of dimensional lumber and Northeastern millings for nearly 30 years.

This train has no additional work between Rockport and Boston, but it will have to meet a passenger train. Maybe that's next week's model blogging.

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