LEARN TO SWIM. Or at least master floating and keeping your calm in the water. The bodies of two Milwaukee boys who have been missing for the past month have been recovered from a county park lagoon. The coroner has ruled their drownings accidental.
[Police Chief Nan] Hegerty said police are not certain how the boys wound up in the park's lagoon but said there was speculation that [Purvis] Parker, who could not swim, fell in and [Quadrevion] Henning went in after him. She described Henning as a "strong swimmer."
But a strong swimmer with no life-saving training is going to get into trouble attempting a rescue in icy water, and two families must mourn. Parents: do something to honor these children. Impress on your own children that it's dangerous to get close to open water in the early spring, and use the summer to get them some basic swimming skills.

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