TONE DEAF. The Education Wonks picked up a little flap in Alabama in which an integrated elementary school class did a Civil War retrospective that included The Bonnie Blue Flag. An African-American parent objected, and the school officials apologized. Despite the Wonks' demurrals, that objection was in order.
I believe it's unlikely that the school was being racist in its selection of songs. (Consider taking a look at the lyrics of The Bonnie Blue Flag here and more about the song there.) But I do think that they were being monumentally insensitive to their students, both black and white.
I concur with the last sentence, and I dissent from the first, because I have read and understood the lyrics. What, exactly, does that "property we gained by honest toil" refer to, and what "rights" were the Northerners attempting to mar? (Yes, secession and nullification, but somehow those never became cassus belli.)

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