IF THEY DON'T WIN IT'S A SHAME. No posting Monday because I had a sausage race to attend.

Rumor has it there will soon be another racing sausage.

The chorus of The Beer Barrel Polka.

One could almost use rapid transit to reach Miller Park from the easterly reaches of the parking lot. The old County Stadium was well west of the freeway, with almost all parking between the freeway and the stadium. Miller Park is on the old parking lot, with the freeway relocated a bit to the east, and parking lots on both the Milwaukee Road arrival yards and the site of the old coach shop.

The Highland Cardinals from a small high school near Madison were recognized for winning the Division 4 softball championship.

There was a major league baseball game amidst all the peripheral entertainment. The Brewers prevailed 12-8. Here's the ritual after one of Bill Hall's two home runs. Carlos Lee also hit one.

This conference, either to buy time for the relief pitcher to warm up or to determine the location for the post-game pizza, occurred after another home run.

It was a pleasant evening for baseball, with the roof open all night.

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