WILL IT BE THE DAYTON-HUDSON PAUL BUNYAN'S AXE SOMEDAY? Two months ago I made mock of the University of Minnesota (motto: ten thousand ways to surrender the Axe) building a new outdoor football stadium to play college football on Saturdays the way God and Harry Stuldreher intended.
Years ago, the Minnesota Golden Gophers played college football on Saturday afternoons at a field called Memorial Stadium. It occurred to some marketing genius to play home games on Saturday evenings in something called the Metrodome. Until a new genius came along.
At that time, the mix of tax, student fee, and corporate sponsorship money to pay for this new location for looking at, but not touching, the Axe, was not known. The details of the corporate funding are now public, and they're not pretty. University Diaries has fun with the announcement.

The University of Minnesota’s prostitution continues apace.

In exchange for paying for much of the university’s new football stadium, TCF Financial gets to harass ticket holders with debit card offers to its heart’s content (ticket holder addresses are supposed to be private, but the university is giving them out to its special friend), plus much, much more ...

Just read it.

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