3 HOURS 55 MINUTES. Virgin smashes Glasgow-London speed record.
Today’s record was set by the 12:37 special Pendolino from Glasgow Central to London, with over 400 passengers on board, which arrived at Euston station at 16:32. It was the first non-stop run between Glasgow and London since 1949, and the first ever sub-four hour southbound Glasgow to London journey.
The paragraph about the train's environmental impact is instructive.
The nine-car 439-seat electric Pendolino emits a carbon footprint of only 28 grammes per kilometre compared to the 215 grammes per kilometre of a BMW Three Series five-seat car. Its regenerative braking system returns up to 1,500 kWh of electricity to the power lines through reverse thrust traction motors. This means that Virgin Trains' 53-strong train fleet returns some 17 percent of the power used back to the network.
The grammes per kilometre of that Stanier Pacific in full cry in 1949 is left to the reader as an exercise. The reference to electricity keeping its own books, forsooth! is also instructive. The Milwaukee's Rocky Mountain Division boxcabs returned about 12 percent of the power to the grid.
Virgin Trains’ Chairman Sir Richard Branson said: “This record run has demonstrated the real potential of the upgrading of the West Coast Main Line and the state-of-the-art Virgin Pendolino trains. It has also raised over £30,000 for Heaven’s Angels and I would like to thank everyone who has supported the Heaven’s Angels campaign - Virgin Trains’ staff, the staff and readers of The Railway Magazine who promoted the train and our partners at Network Rail and ALSTOM for all helping us to achieve a new Glasgow to London speed record”.
Well done!

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