DON'T BRING THAT AROUND HERE. This morning, I noticed a visit from the search string "getting into northern illinois university with a bad gpa." That's a development I wish to discourage. Fortunately, a college guide site that the search also turned up noted this:
Admission to Northern Illinois University is quite competitive, especially as the number of highly qualified out-of-state students who apply increases with each passing admissions cycle. Last year, over 16,150 students applied for admission to the school, and approximately 10,025 of those students were accepted; of those, about 3,250 matriculated. The admitted students had an average combined SAT score ranging from 1010 to 1090, and an average comprehensive ACT score ranging from 22 to 28. Additionally, more than 65% of those admitted were ranked in the top 10% of their high school graduating class with an average high school GPA of about a 3.58.
Hmmm ... could I have gotten in as a freshman? (Yes, but what were the standards for out-of-state admissions in 1970-71?)

The guide also notes this:
Northern Illinois University has a manageable student to faculty ratio of 18:1, which is quite good for a public school of its size. Some of the general education classes are held in lecture form; however, they are almost always supplemented by a smaller seminar class where students get a chance to discuss the content of the previous lecture. In general, students give their professors high marks in terms of accessibility and willingness to help students out when they may need it.
Professors working even when they're not in the classroom? Quel surprise! Sometimes the most productive work gets done one-on-one or one-on-a-few during office hours.l

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