NOT QUITE GALLERY CARS. The Occasional Train Blogging by DoDo has resumed at the European Tribune, with among other goodies a two parter on double deck push-pull trains. The first part was inspired by the visit of a German demonstration train (in Rock Island coloration) to Hungary. It notes that the contemporary practice originated in Chicago, with a fine shot of a Commuter Streamliner at Davis Street, Evanston, after the center track had been lifted. (I wonder if restoration of that track might come with the creation of the Kenosha-Milwaukee service.) The first gallery cars were Burlington's, and theirs and the Chicago and North Western's ran behind steam. (Some of the early C&NW cars went as far as Madison or Wyeville or Ashland to strengthen the intercity trains.) The second part focuses on double-deck electric multiple units, with some interesting historical photographs.

See also the Budapest trams: I see reason to assemble some material on primeval duplex trams and trackless trolleys.

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