QUESTION OF THE DAY. (This day won't end until May.) From Rick Moran's initial 24 summary.
How do we keep the homeland safe while maintaining our freedom? Anyone who says that this is simple question or that one side or the other is either unpatriotic or in favor of establishing a dictatorship isn’t helping matters any.
The 007 show is off to a fast start, with special agent Jack Bauer ransomed from the Chinese to be sacrificed to the real bad guys who are attempting to elicit U.S. help in rooting out a former bad guy. Bauer gets away. A small nuclear bomb has already been set off somewhere in Los Angeles. There are other plot complications.

Again, the bad guys have better operational security than the good guys, with at least one Army guy working with the real bad guys, the shadowy Capitalist Cabal pulling strings somewhere, and the Counter-Terrorist Unit compromised. New analyst Nadia Yassir probably isn't the mole. I'm betting on Milo, with a Serbian connection (anybody remember the only power to shoot down a Stealth aircraft, during one of President Clinton's adventures?)

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