SOMEONE ELSE IS UNDERWHELMED. Charles Featherstone visits some of the war memorials in Washington, D. C. and offers this impression of the new World War II memorial.
It's gray marble and concrete combined with already-weathered bronze make this memorial look like something Albert Speer would have designed to celebrate Nazi Germany's final victory against the decadent West and Bolshevik Russia. The wreaths each look like they'd easily fit a swastika, and I cannot get images of harsher-looking eagles with much straighter lines hanging over each entryway. This is not so much a memorial to World War Two as it a memorial to the American version of National Socialism, of state supremacy, of rule by rightly guided elites, of global conquest and domination. Much like the Temple of Father Abraham, this memorial is designed to awe and overwhelm anyone who visits – "this is the state, and it means everything. You mean nothing."
I'm not sure about the parallels in the concluding sentences, but I do remember writing this.

Image from Alphecca.

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