USING THAT PHOTO PERMIT. The Midvale Maritime Steel blast furnace is operating. Safety first!

On the high line, the State of Maine Northern pulled the empty hoppers we saw last week, to deliver more coke and iron ore. The buggy goes in such that it will be properly placed when the empties depart.

At the plant level, a bottle car of iron is bound for the open hearth shop. The car is from the MTH line, modified for two-rail scale operations. I have a few more that will also be dirtied up in proper steel-mill fashion.

The plant switcher is Rivarossi's model of the Prussian BR80 shifter, dirtied up to run as a U.S. industrial locomotive. (There's a Lima 4F that might receive similar treatment.)

Now that the hot metal has been delivered to the open hearth shop, the crew has to pull the slag cars (also by MTH; these started as Chicago and North Western (!) cars) and move that gon of fines to the sinter plant.

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