Cue the closing meditation from Patton.

Here's University Diaries on the joys of teaching.

Because you really put yourself out there, and because a bad class session can end with your feeling both aggrieved and exhausted, teaching is humbling. From humbling it can tumble down to humiliating.

The larger your self-importance -- university professors are notorious for a certain anxious, unsteady self-regard -- the more you're liable to hate teaching. The professional world venerates you. The pishers in Room 12 C think you bite the big one. MacArthur says you're a genius. Miss Nose Ring blows you off as a jerk...

Miss Nose ring will live, in an absolute sense, better than the mightiest Caesar. In a relative sense, she might do no better than the slave on the chariot. Her role, however, is as vital.

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