ALL HAVE WON, AND ALL MUST BE GIVEN PRIZES. Grant McCracken's Anthropology and Economics explains that's not such a bad thing.
The Dove campaign for real beauty and new ideas of beauty may be seen as a reflection of a larger culture shift. In every domain of taste, we are seeing a willingness to expand the tools of judgment and the size of the winner's circle. Zero sum is dying as the logic of our evaluative activities. As a result, our culture is entering a new multiplication of capital and creativity. This is not to say that zero sum is dead in all sectors of our world. It is just subject to new cultural forces here and there that blunt its prevalence and power.
He's expanding on a Virginia Postrel entry invoking (temporarily) her latest Atlantic column, which includes this gem.
Beauty is not just a social construct, and not every girl is beautiful just the way she is.
She has a choice, however, of the construct within which she is evaluated.

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