IMPEDIMENTA HAVE THEIR PLACE. Duke's Roy Weintraub offers a stern reminder.

For the library to tell me that in order to use library reserves I have to tailor my course presentation to their needs should bring laughs to faculty organizations. That it does not is a reflection on those organizations--remember that the library is an academic support operation, in support of research and teaching.

Further, this initiative comes from some unknown office of instructional technology (lodged in the library). These people are not faculty, and have no business whatsoever sending memos to faculty instructing faculty on how to redesign their course materials to make them suitable for public/student consumption. They have no legal or moral responsibility for instructing Duke students. I do.

If the faculty can be told to modify their presentation of course materials to suit such nonacademic employees, there is little meaning to be given to the idea that faculty are responsible for the curriculum.

(Via Constrained Vision.)

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