THERE IS STILL WORK TO DO. From time to time, I check up on progress at Milwaukee Hamilton. Not too long ago, at a formerly selective high school, people went to a rumble and a basketball game broke out. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has an open forum on sports-related fighting including an observation from the North-West Frontier.
This is part of the reason why I left both Milwaukee and Madison. The crime rates are rising in both cities if not exploding. Fights after or during basketball games are not only a problem in Milwaukee, but the illustrious madison schools have problems too. It amazes me that this happens. I will stay here.... when Monroe loses to someone say like Orangeville (In evil Illinois) they shakes hands and move on, players and fans alike.... its just a game... no need to brawl like your life depends upon it.
At Hamilton, good news and bad news.

When Superintendent William Andrekopoulos met with two reporters last week, he said that, sure, there had been problems at high schools, but there were good things, too. Some schools are doing well. Name some, a reporter asked.

Hamilton was on his list. Just that morning, he had visited the southwest side high school, the largest in MPS, and he liked what he saw.

But literally as the interview was taking place, this happened at Hamilton: Two students finished a final exam and left. Just outside the school, they were attacked by several youths wielding at least one baseball bat, police and MPS officials said. One of the students was left hospitalized and unconscious.

Further along in the article, news that will certainly give pause to university faculty.
The rocky realities for MPS high schools go beyond safety issues. To sit in a high school class and watch students give reports summing up a research project on an environmental issue is to see that the content of student work itself is a serious issue. The reports reflected little enterprise, little understanding and little work - and this was in a school with a better reputation than many.
What's next, college as the new junior high?

RUNNING EXTRA. Will I have to bring my diploma to any alumni basketball events?
On Friday afternoon, Milwaukee Public School's Superintendent William Andrekopoulos announced a further crackdown on ticket sales across the district. Students at a school will now only be able to buy one ticket for a game involving their school. They will have to show ID to get into the games. Parents will be able to buy only two tickets. And, ticket sales will now be limited to only 60 percent of a gym's capacity.

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