THE DEER AND THE ANTELOPE WON'T PLAY. Michael Munger makes improvements to the dacha.

We get to the property, 30 acres of forest plus a baseball field. Every man needs his own baseball field, but I actually have one. YYM mowed and ran the aerator behind the tractor, while I spread 400 pounds of Milorganite. Organic fertilizer, made from sewage in Tofe's new adopted home town. (Nice video on the link, don't
miss it).

The grass had a little dew on it. In no time the aroma...well, let's just say I love the smell of composted, dried, and pelletized human excrement in the morning.

The Mungers might be happier to note that critters prone to nibble on vegetables and other growing things do not love the smell of dried activated sewage sludge (to be pedantic about it) in the morning or any other time.

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