THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO. The year graduates of Milwaukee Lincoln and Milwaukee North started their alumni game, a team from Milwaukee Hamilton won the state basketball championship (so far, for the only time.) At five year intervals, team members who remain in the Milwaukee area have a party, and they were kind enough to let the alumni club know about it. The Saturday of the party was a day on which you wouldn't want to drive, and couldn't fly.

Cab signals and automatic train stop can be a great comfort under such conditions.

The Hiawatha had to make a very careful stop to set passengers down at Mitchell Field. Apparently maintenance on the east main was in progress.

The temperatures were almost warm enough for shorts, and the sun came out enough to permit some good outdoor pictures, here including players, coaches, parents, spouses, and children.

Sometimes it's good to have the opportunity to hoist a beer or three and then leave the driving to Amtrak.

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