WE'RE CARING PEOPLE. So caring that we'll make your life miserable if you don't care in precisely the way we do.

The social-work school at Missouri State is now headed by an interim director, Etta M. Madden, who is an English professor.

The report says that the school's faculty members spend "way too much time meddling in each other's business and looking over each other's shoulders," and that they "bully" and "browbeat" not only the students but one another.

It was that observation more than any other, [(Southwest) Missouri State president Michael T.] Nietzel said, that persuaded him to release the report to the public. The report indicates that faculty members demean students with ideological differences. It also says that faculty members have sufficient experience in social work, but not much experience in the classroom.

Via SCSU Scholars' King Banaian, who has additional excerpts and annotations.

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