HIGH SCHOOL PLUS ONE YEAR. I really wish that practitioners of higher education who couldn't carry water for a patternmaker ought not denigrate the industrial arts.
Case in point, last week a plumber came to my house to fix my broken water heater. A simple part needed to be replaced. For less than 20 minutes of work, he charged me $75!!! I'm sure the guy didn't have a college degree, and maybe not even a high school diploma. My point is we should stop telling kids to go to college who don't belong there for whatever reason. Kids who can't put a sentence together (you know--subject, verb, object), much less a paragraph, don't belong in college. Kids who can't read don't belong in college. Kids who are afraid of simple arithmetic don't belong in college.
At one time, Milwaukee's [Boys'] Trade and Technical High School offered a plumbing program. That involved an additional year beyond senior year, in which the participants started their apprenticeships. The "kids" the poster notes wouldn't cut it as plumbers' apprentices, let alone as steam-fitters, electricians, or auto technicians. I'm not sure exactly what Bradley Tech's Construction Academy is doing these days. (The mind contemplates the possibilities inherent in that "rehab house.")

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