SILVER AND GOLD. The Milwaukee Brewers went to the World Series in 1982, and the Milwaukee, formerly Boston, Braves won the 1957 Series. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel claims to see a pattern, with a weekly (??) "Back Then" feature.

Unfortunately, there's a different pattern. Yes, the Braves won the 1957 Series. The last Milwaukee Streetcars ran in early March, 1958. In April, the North Shore Line filed for abandonment. Yes, the Braves returned to the Series that year, and they lost it. A twelve-year-old future political activist, Paul Weyrich of Racine, Wisconsin, organized a citizens campaign to oppose the abandonment of the North Shore. His efforts were not successful. His organization's talking points included some sports economics, noting that the North Shore had a Wrigley Field stop (then also the Bears' field) and that there was potential for recurrences of the World Series in Milwaukee (although, note, not at Wrigley Field.) No North Shore Line, although within the next ten years, the tracks may be restored from Dempster St. to Harms Woods, and no further Series wins in Milwaukee.

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