QUOTE OF THE DAY. Erin O'Connor:
The University of Colorado was right to fire Ward Churchill, for the reasons I've laid out here. But it's still possible to be very wrong about why Colorado was right. Sean Hannity was way wrong last night when he interviewed Churchill's lawyer. Hannity actually came right out and argued that Churchill should have been fired for his 9/11 comments--an uninformed and ill-advised argument that only cheapens the care with which groups such as ACTA and FIRE have differentiated between the wrongful persecution of Churchill for his speech (both groups defended him) and the rightful investigation of his scholarly conduct (which was done with scrupulous attention to his due process rights).
At one time a dean or department head might have a heart-to-heart with a faculty member about his or her obligation to make public comments judiciously. But it was understood that the faculty member's scholarship respected the highest standards of probity.

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