DRINK LOCALLY. "G. Heileman Brewing, Milwaukee." (Yellow mustard and thin beer. The railroadin' is great in Illinois, but the cuisine needs work.)

Now comes news of a business locator service that enables consumers to find locally-owned sources of coffee, or books, or hamburgers, and cock a snook at the national chains. Maybe.
But to say local businesses possess some kind of moral magic simply by virtue of being family-owned and homey is preposterous. Such shops may be more ethically run in some ways, partially through close personal ties to the community and to fellow owners and employees. But this bespeaks the virtue of the management, not of the abstract institution of the local business itself (just as it indicates the poor character of the management of a corporate business, and not all of corporate business itself, when one falls into unethical dealings). Also, independent stores are often smaller, so they may provide fewer jobs to people in the community and supply fewer products to their customers. Neither of these are inherently good qualities for businesses to have.

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