HOW OTHERS SEE US. The editorial board at the Rocky Mountain News.

It is heartening in the sense that [Colorado] President Hank Brown recognizes that public confidence in higher education has waned and is contemplating [achievement testing for juniors] as a means of resurrecting that trust (and the funding that might go with it).
At the same time, it is an indictment of the preparation that too many students receive before they arrive on campus, as well as an admission that two years of university study do not necessarily correct these shortcomings.

Basic skills should be in place by the time students ever set foot on campus. Or, at the least, such weaknesses should have been ferreted out long before the junior year.

The Superintendent reminds regular readers, as well as the editorial board, that there will be constituencies at Colorado whose very livelihood depends on a continuing flow of unprepared students to keep their offices busy.

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