SUMMER HOME FLOTSAM. A life ring stencilled Edmund Fitzgerald that washed up on the Keewenaw shore of Lake Superior is not original.

Cynthia Edwards, of Oakland County's West Bloomfield Township, says her father acquired the orange preserver more than 20 years ago and stenciled "Edmund Fitzgerald" on it.

The ring was kept at the family's cabin along Lake Superior and the Eagle River - not far from where it ultimately was found in the Upper Peninsula's Keweenaw Peninsula - until it was lost about two years ago.

Her father painted the ship's name on the ring as kind of a remembrance of the ship, Edwards told The Associated Press on Monday.

"It was never to trick anybody or make anybody think it was real," she said.

Edwards told a museum employee last week the truth behind the orange preserver.

At the time the ring surfaced, some people raised questions about the Edmund Fitzgerald Duluth stencils on the ring, which were legitimate as Fitzgerald was named for a Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company, of Milwaukee, senior executive, and her transom read


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