PETE GOGOLAK, REDUX. Once upon a time, soccer players had to retool for the high school football team. That led to no end of snarking about "I keeck touchdown!" Not any more.

Milwaukee Hamilton's Jason Baker is one of those soccer studs with a mega-leg who is helping out the football team while being a key cog for the soccer team during the same time of the school year.

A junior captain on the soccer team, Baker is a sweeper. His name was suggested by coach Dave Shadlen when football coach Jeff Wallack came to him in need of a leg. The sharing worked last year as soccer player Serboljub Vujanic was an all-conference punter / kicker for the Hamilton football team.

Although the article goes on to note that some such crossover players have expanded options for athletic scholarships, even at onetime football power Milwaukee Hamilton, these days stronger on the pitch, what goes on in the chemistry lab and in advanced algebra also ought to matter.

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