NO FIRE, LESS ICE. Headquarters has a new threat assessment, and examination week is back on.

Northern Illinois University will re-open and resume its final exam schedule tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 11) following today’s security closure.

While an investigation into the weekend posting of threats in a residence hall restroom continues, university police are satisfied that the anonymous message no longer represents an imminent threat to students, faculty or staff. University, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have identified several leads and remain hopeful about timely resolution of the case.

The excitement is not over, as an ice storm is due to arrive around 2 am Tuesday, and the safety committee will have to do another risk assessment.

President John Peters met with students who were understandably frightened by the content of the message.

A racially charged bathroom message caused many black students on campus to fear going to their finals this week.

The concerns caused the NAACP and the Black Student Union to ask for a meeting with NIU President John Peters at 11 a.m. Monday at the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 1201 Twombly Road. The university shut down Monday and students’ fears moved the meeting off campus.

Several TV stations from Chicago and Rockford traveled to the church to hear the exchange between Peters and students.Peters spoke to the crowd of about 200 people, mostly made up of NIU students.

After giving a statement, Peters took questions from several students. Media was not allowed into the chapel to hear the exchanges between Peters and the students.

Thus far, the crisis management has been measured.

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