GOOD FOR THE MORALE. The Convocation Center was the site of a job fair this morning. We'll be back here later in the day.

First, though, preparations for a press conference.

The governor proposes to replace Cole Hall. To re-equip it with the latest in high technology could be expensive.

Preliminary plans include a building with "smart class-rooms," a computer lab, and three auditoriums seating 250 students each, NIU President John Peters said.

"We're going to have a really good functional building for teaching and learning," Peters said.

Fay-Cooper Cole Hall, named after an early 19th-century anthropologist, is outdated and the university had already planned to replace it, Peters said.

"It's much more efficient to raze it … and build something we need," Peters said.

NIU officials already anticipate a spring 2009 groundbreaking and a December 2010 completion.

The university's plans to renovate the adjacent Stevens Building will also proceed apace. Public sentiment -- that is, among taxpayers -- is not as favorable to immediately replacing Cole as sentiment at headquarters is. (I'm withholding judgement: headquarters claims an act of murder will not define us, yet the alma mater has a new ending and the site of the murders must be erased. Wash the stone, wash the bone.)

The basketball teams have returned to what remains of their schedule. Inside the Convocation Center is a display of memorabilia including this poster. Look closely and observe how much has changed in college sports in 45 years.

Before this evening's game, the Huskies and the Broncos joined in a prayer circle.

These therapy dogs paid a visit to both basketball games. (They're also willing to chase squirrels. The rabbits are still underground.)

At Tuesday's men's game, also featuring Western Michigan, our student section sent thanks to people who are likely to be twinned with us.

Associated Press photo by Brian Kersey.

Both games were closely contested to the final seconds. The Western Michigan men went home with a victory. The Western Michigan women did not.

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