The radio call-in shows I listened to overnight revealed a great deal of regard for our university from residents of the northern tier counties, from university employees of all jobs, from students. Many residents of what we understand as Chicagoland have Northern Illinois connections, either as students or graduates or as friends of students or graduates. News reporters were impressed that somebody in the university made time, in the middle of the troubles, to arrange for coffee and hot chocolate for law enforcement and press people.

I regret to report that a sixth seventh person died overnight.

We know the names of four five fallen students.

Dan Parmenter, 20 of Westchester
Catalina Garcia, 20 of Cicero
Ryanne Mace, 19 of Carpentersville
Julianna Gehant, 32 of downstate Meriden.
Gayle Dubrowski, 20 of Carol Stream.

(Editorial notes, 10.34: because people were choppered to hospitals in Winnebago and Kane counties, more than one coroner was involved in confirming identities. As of this morning, the death toll is the five students named above, and the shooter. As biographical information becomes available, I will add links to the list.)

I've learned of a Facebook condolence book.

Northern Illinois University has received messages of support from several universities. The site will be updated. A service called Legacy.com has opened condolence books for each of our fallen students. There's also a general purpose condolence book.

There will be a gathering at 9 pm Friday evening on the King Commons. The university plans a more formal convocation, at a date yet to be determined.

There's extensive print media coverage from the Chicago Tribune and the DeKalb Chronicle.

The Northern Illinois University press conference will be at 9 AM (Central Standard Time). Chicago's WGN and WBBM have committed to stream it. Kishwaukee Hospital's briefing will be at 11 AM. The briefing is available at the hospital's home page, which has reverted to its standard content. At 6.30, one patient remains at Kishwaukee, in fair condition after orthopedic surgery.

There will be additional links added to this post as I receive information.

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