QUOTE OF THE DAY. Speech codes: not restricted to the land-grants and the mid-majors.
Colleges should be centers of learning, not indoctrination. The tenured left and sympathetic or compliant administrators have stigmatized or marginalized traditional thought that doesn't comport with the dominant liberal agenda. They're no longer honest brokers of intellectual heterodoxy. They've increasingly become advocates for liberal orthodoxy's vision of societal change. You'd think the model was the "re-education camps" into which "reactionary" South Vietnamese were herded by the victorious North after the war.
I quibble with the columnist's characterization of students as "customers" rather than "novitiates" (where I think he means "postulants"). "Clients" seeking intellectual development is more like it, and the Perpetually Aggrieved are stifling intellectual development. On that we can agree.

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