It's just soooo hard to be a young professional in Manhattan and live in a walk-up apartment and only get to go out occasionally to nice restaurants while people in Grand Rapids, MI are living off the fat of the land in huge McMansions and have three SUVs. Even the cereal is more expensive in NYC! Plus, the loans from Harvard Law School are killing me.

People are aware they can move, right? There's this company called U-Haul and you can lug all your sad IKEA furniture in one of their trucks and head out West to start anew. Americans have been doing it for centuries. But wait, your cool job in publishing/journalism is only here on the East Coast? And you really like all those nice restaurants? And then there's the museums, the live music and the great social scene...All good points, I agree. Let me introduce you to the notion of trade-offs.

The comment is a reaction to a post that, let us say, does little to refute the stereotype of a latte liberal.

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