STRATEGIC PLANNING FOLLIES. The Toledo Institute of Technology, formerly known as the University of Toledo, intends a re-engineering (run for the exits) of its curriculum and focus, in which the corrective to access-assessment-remediation-retention is mass-customized (the oxymoron meter is in the 30 minute overload range) access-assessment-remediation-retention, but with more computers, larger classes in a gym re-styled as the educational incubator, (approaching the 15 minute overload range) and more deaducationists reporting directly to a deputy provost of teaching and learning.

I regret to inform you that this is not a misplaced April Fool post. University Diaries offers editorial comment, and the bull session identifies a faculty forum at TIT, er, UofT that includes links to other comments on TIT's brain-cramp, er, new paradigm (THE NEEDLE IS IN THE FIVE MINUTE OVERLOAD RANGE) that are able to give it more attention than I have the energy to at the moment.

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