THOSE CULTURAL-STUDIES HOTHOUSES. I am a bit too tired to extend my references to the Diet of Worms and the Holy Inquisition to attempt a witticism about feminists dancing on the head of ... .

Let me instead commend this Adam Kissel post at The Torch that concludes with this rebuke to one of Colorado College's Grand Inquisitors. It is the Quote of the Week.
The terribly low respect for free expression by [Colorado College director of institutional research and planning Amanda] Udis-Kessler is yet another reason for Colorado College to feel very, very ashamed. Dialogue sometimes feels a bit disrespectful; it's a hazard of vigorous debate. Adults in college are strong enough to take it, but maybe that's not true at Colorado College.
What was I saying about the logic processes of the assessors of the obvious, or about the disservice a hothouse environment does the classes it is supposed to protect?

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