NINE OLYMPIADS AGO. The Soling team of Buddy Melges, Bill Allen, and Bill Bentsen won the 1972 gold medal, the last time a U.S. program did so.

Here, Messrs. Allen and Melges offer encouragement to the Inland Lake Yachting Association's entrants in this year's Olympics. Sally Barkow, Debbie Capozzi, and Carrie Howe's Team 7 Sailing are the Yngling team, and John Ruf's White Buffalo Sailing races a 2.4 Meter. (Mr Bentsen was present although with the inclement weather, which raised Pewaukee Lake six inches, he had left for the evening.)

The sailing events will be in Qingdao, which some readers might want to render as Tsing Tao, which is fitting for Inland sailors. (Anyone who has hung out with the collegiate sailors when they hit Lake Geneva, sail well all day, then close Chuck's and get up early the next morning to sail well all day, d. c. al fine knows what I mean. Perhaps it's a good thing the summer regatta season is also the summer doldrum season, as the postponements can be therapeutic.)

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