BUN SEED SESAME A ON ONIONS PICKLES CHEESE LETTUCE. McDonald's have asked customers to augment their own Big Mac repositioning efforts, as part of the 40th birthday of the Big Mac. (Does it surprise anyone that the sandwich is entering middle age about the same time the Thirteenth Generation is?)

The official reason is this year's 40th anniversary of the Big Mac, but the then-and-now cultural similarities are not entirely lost on the company.

"That might be coincidental—unhappily, maybe, but coincidental," said Marlena Peleo-Lazar, chief creative officer for McDonald's U.S.A. The contest, she said, was dreamed up in the spirit of summer fun and the hamburger's birthday. "Big Mac is just an iconic product for us, and it is a customer favorite," she said.

Of course, there are huge differences between today's world and the one that existed when the jingle first appeared. In 1974, people were busy following President Richard M. Nixon's downfall and tracking whether it was an odd- or an even-numbered day, when gas-buying was restricted based on license plates.

The article notes there is no cash prize for the winner, and that "the majority of the entries are hip-hop." More evidence that either Middle America or McDonald's have drifted?


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