I SHOULD CONSIDER SELLING CARBON OFFSETS. The Heritage Foundation weblog is not happy with proposed Environmental Protection Agency greenhouse standards, including one for lawnmowers that contemplates
“[E]ach application could require a different unit of measure tied to the machine’s mission or output– such as grams per kilogram of cuttings from a “standard” lawn for lawnmowers and grams per kilogram-meter of load lift for forklifts.”
The commentary notes,
If one considers all the non-road greenhouse gas emitting sources that need to be regulated, this would not only be a daunting task that would require a great deal of time and human capital, but it would also be very costly.
I suppose in a costless-information world, such regulation would already exist, perhaps in the form of an assignment of liability. In that costless-information world, it would be profitable for me to sell carbon offsets each time I use the battery-assisted reel mower, which is either powered by me or recharged with nuclear kilowatt-hours from Byron.

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