GET THE INCENTIVES RIGHT. The editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel see gains from trade in selling Lake Michigan water.

Growth in southeastern Wisconsin comes from a variety of sources and, in general, is good for the region, especially if it provides family-supporting jobs. Trying to stop that growth would put a severe drag on the region's economy. Waukesha County is not the enemy. The same applies to Washington, Ozaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Walworth counties.

The communities of southeastern Wisconsin can grow together, as the Milwaukee 7 economic development group has ably argued.

None of this means that Milwaukee shouldn't expect some reciprocity, such as support from the suburbs for more mass transit and even rail transit. Getting workers to jobs is as critical an issue as clean water.

The revised Great Lakes compact has been approved by inter alia the Wisconsin and Illinois legislatures and Congress and Parliament are at work on it. Milwaukee and New Berlin have reached one such sale agreement. Political Environment notes early reactions to the deal.

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