THE VALUE OF ARTICULATION. Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews discovers the credits-don't-transfer scam, building on the work of Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Nancy Rodriguez.
"Universities are just expert in playing this game that says, 'Well, sure, you completed English composition, but you didn't take my class,' and sort of cheating students out of transfer credits by insisting that they retake essentially the same classes," said Kay McClenney, a professor at the Community College Leadership Program at the University of Texas at Austin.
By contrast, the Illinois Articulation Initiative becomes a point of pride for the Northern Illinois University Alumni Association, with a lengthy article on the method and the success stories in the spring alumni magazine.
NIU offers a large number of scholarships, several of which are awarded exclusively to transfer students. For information on NIU scholarships, visit www.scholarships.niu.edu.
The sidebar also invites alumni to create scholarship opportunities.

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