BUYING AND SELLING WINS. Indiana State's football team has a long losing streak in the middle of an even longer run of losses interrupted by one win. The team plays at the FCS level, where the acronym conceals its non-premier status, although its conference seeks to play at the premier level. One way to learn to play at a higher level is to schedule games against stronger opponents, such as Northern Illinois.

Before the game, the band plays the alma mater.

We observed a minute of silence in tribute to the students killed on February 14 (some of the spectators were a bit slow to catch on) but the university has restored the traditional ending to the song.

The game itself was settled by halftime. Here's DeMarcus Grady scoring with about two minutes to go in the half, followed by the howitzer shot, and if you watch carefully, the shadow of the smoke ring. In the background, there's a tree already changing.

Playing conditions were a bit hot and humid, but it was a pleasant afternoon for Huskie fans, and a well-bought victory for the team.

On the supply side, Nick at Red and Black Attack offers a case for Northern Illinois moving a home game against Wisconsin to a larger stadium in Chicago.

Wisconsin, however, knows better than to treat a Northern Illinois game as a bought victory. Twenty years ago this weekend ... (and it was in the promotional material for years.)

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