EXCEEDING THE BUFFING STRENGTH. Hurricanes, flood alerts in Huskie country, restroom stabbings at the old high school, now a fatal collision of a commuter train with a freight train.
A Metrolink commuter train believed to be carrying up to 350 people collided with a freight train Friday, killing four people and injuring dozens of others. Firefighters extinguished a blaze under part of the wreckage and were working two hours after the wreck to free people from a commuter car left mangled, toppled on its side with the train's engine shoved back inside it. Two other cars in the Metrolink train remained upright.
The crash dissipated enough forces to derail most of the freight train as well. That the diesel, which was leading the train, and the first coach telescoped disturbs me. North American coaches are supposed to be sturdier than that.

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