GOT A PROBLEM, GET A PROGRAM. Timothy Burke identifies the reason technocrats, and court intellectuals for technocrats, ought to be humble.
What produced widespread alienation and distrust of technocratic solutions? First, that many of those which were implemented went badly awry or wasted enormous resources to no good end. Second, that at least some expertise was uncloaked over time as being nothing more than the Wizard of Oz in his booth with his levers, that strong claims to resources and social power were being made by humbugs of various kinds. Third, the challenge to the technocrats embodied by Jane Jacobs’ work gained a lot of traction.
By the lack of their fruits, or by their poisoned fruits, do we know them.

Via 11-D's Laura McKenna:
My final impressions are that much of the culture war divisions are not real. The assumption that the urban/liberals/technocracy is sneering at the nonurban/old economy/conservatives/moderates/religious folk is a political fiction.
There is truth to that, but there is that certain blue-state (will the colors be reversed for this year's map?) smug.

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