OCTOBER MADNESS. The Chicago Cubs secured their playoff spot with a week to go. The Milwaukee Brewers were in on the last day of the regular season. The Chicago White Sox had to play a makeup game yesterday to earn a one-game tiebreaker with the Washington Senators Minnesota Twins. Despite a three-hour rain delay Monday and a chilly evening for early fall today (a retractable roof is recommended for fall baseball) the White Sox had one more home run in them, and they'll open at Tampa Bay Thursday.

Wednesday is for the National League, with Milwaukee opening at Philadelphia and the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers coming to Chicago, where the mayor has prevailed on the bars near Wrigley Field to stop serving after the seventh inning stretch. First a pate ban, then shortened bar hours. I suppose he'll have to make the same request to the bars near Sox Park.

There is plenty of Guinness at the Cold Spring Shops Hofbrauhaus, but the first games are on school nights.

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