OFTEN MALICIOUS, BUT SUBTLE THEY ARE NOT. Albert Einstein only had quantum phyics to worry about. That's probably more straightforward than a baseball pennant race.
If the Mets go 4-3 in the final week, the Brewers would have to finish 5-1 to force a one-game playoff.
That's the algebra. The story is more compelling. Philadelphia, the first team to 10,000 franchise losses, is in first place in the East on the strength of a sweep of the Brewers followed by a sweep of the Formerly Milwaukee Braves, and they're playing the Formerly Milwaukee Braves again this week. The Mets are hosting Chicago, and tonight Cub pitcher Jason Marquis helped his cause with a grand-slam home run. The Cubs secured home field for all National League playoff series they are in, and they're in the position of having to play it straight against the Mets and against Milwaukee, both jockeying for the wild-card playoff position.

Furchtbar nunerfind' ich des Fluches Kraft!

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel baseball pundit Tom Hardricourt analyzes the Brewers' difficulties, without mention of the ghosts of Henry Cordell and Samuel Insull.

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