SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL? Profane reports athletics at the University of Nevada have been cleared of alleged gambling violations. The linked story (from a Reno newspaper) hints at a sub-plot.
The NCAA launched an investigation into the program after women's soccer coach Terri Patraw filed a whistle-blower complaint alleging she was fired in retaliation for reporting rules violations within the Nevada athletic department. The most damning allegation claimed that men's golf coach Rich Merritt, who has since resigned, bet on sports.
The former coach runs several weblogs. On one she notes that inter alia Northern Illinois University served a year of probation for NCAA violations during Nevada athletic director Cary Groth's tenure as athletic director here. The details of that probation are here (top two posts) It had nothing to do with gambling. Perhaps Ms Patraw has valid disagreements with Ms Groth, but her innuendo about an attempt by an academic staff member to help a young lady in a difficult position, contrary to the pose of "amateur athletics" is not the same offense as sports betting.

What amuses about this story is that current Nevada womens' basketball coach Jane Albright might have been retaliated against at Wisconsin in the fallout of sanctions there involving shoe contracts.

I'm not surprised that spats within the athletic department might become as vicious as those in academic departments.

Disclaimer: Cary, Jane, and I all hired out at Northern Illinois at about the same time and we'd on occasion hang out after work.

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