THEY COULDN'T TAKE THE TEN LINE STREETCAR. The usual practice on fall Sundays is for WTMJ radio to broadcast the Packer games, relegating the Brewers to another radio station with short legs. I was fully expecting to have to listen to the Cub side of the story, although with a playoff spot at stake, the radio masters switched things. Well into the game, broadcaster Bob Uecker alerted Milwaukee fans that all parking lots at Miller Park were full and he asked his aides whether to recommend State Fair.

At one time a fan could park at State Fair and ride the 18 NATIONAL car to within walking distance of the stadium. The Rapid Transit line was abandoned just before County Stadium was built, precluding parking at Pius XI High School and riding a 2 LOCAL RAPID TRANSIT car from 76th Street to Soldiers Home.

The game? The Curse of the North Shore Line lurks in Philadelphia, first stop in the playoffs.
It was nice redemption for the Brewers. They blew a big lead in the NL Central last year, and were in danger of a big fold this season after going 3-11 to start September.
The big fold was in New York. Remember this?
If the Mets go 4-3 in the final week, the Brewers would have to finish 5-1 to force a one-game playoff.
The Brewers finished 5-1, while the Mets had to work to earn a 2-2 split with the Iowa Cubs, and the Florida Marlins took 2 of 3 to close Shea Stadium for good.

The Packers? Too many turnovers, a loss at Tampa Bay, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers may have a shoulder separation.

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