TUNDRA POPULISM. The Republican presidential ticket plays to enthusiastic crowds. At Right Wing Nation, a hypothesis.
McCain and Palin have something Obama and Biden never can have. Authenticity. Note the people who showed up because “she’s just like us.” Authenticity is either there or it isn’t. You can’t manufacture it. This is why Palin is becoming a folk hero and not merely a candidate, and the Democrats and the media don’t understand it now and never will understand it.
We shall see if it's a winning formula.

During the campaign kickoff, last Friday, in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, the national press corps got a reception reserved for Bear or Viking fans.
Hundreds of angry people in this small town outside Milwaukee taunted reporters and TV crews traveling with Sen. John McCain on Friday, chanting "Be fair!" and pointing fingers at a pack of journalists as they booed loudly.
Part of the problem is that Big Media, much like professional sports and much of higher education, has too many legacies. Sure, it makes sense that a kid will learn Dad's or Mom's craft, but that kid will propagate Mom's or Dad's shortcuts and biases.

And every so often somebody absolutely NAILS the cosmopolitans.

Meghan Groppe, 12, of Cedarburg explained the enthusiasm.

“Because if they get voted in she’ll be the first lady vice president,” Groppe said, flashing a smile missing a few teeth.

More expansive but similarly enthusiastic was Cheryl Hauswirth of nearby Grafton, Wis.

“She's a real woman, she's a real feminist but she's not strident — she's like us,” said Hauswirth, a middle-aged mother who didn’t offer her age. “She’s strong, powerful and opinionated, all the things a women should be, while still retaining her femininity, her womanhood.”

The next two months will be fun.

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