SCRATCHBUILDING ON A GRAND SCALE. My observance of the end of regular steam operation on British metals, 40 years ago, gave Tim Hall at Where Worlds Collide occasion to note that the proliferation of preserved British steam locomotives reflected the country's relative prosperity at the end of steam, along with one scrap merchant's slow pace at recycling kettles into railings. That's all true, and I do have some meditations on some of the projects recycling kettles into different kettles for another day.

For today, though, we note that the British created, from scratch, a brand-new A1 Peppercorn Pacific, which is named Tornado, not Gordon. The engine has been undergoing running tests including some with passenger loads.

Now, if I could convince the local steam enthusiasts that an F7 Hiawatha is worth giving up a bottle of beer a week for ...

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